Looking for Princess

If you come across Princess, a tan female pit bull, please bring her to the South Los Angeles shelter. She has a microchip and approximately 18 scars on her back, most likely from stab wounds and cigarette burns and indications of other injuries. Alternatively, if you know where she is, but want us to go retrieve her, send us an email to info@standfoundation.org

The Fur(minator) is Flyin'

In 2008, STAND bought dozens of Furminators, the fantastic grooming tool, and distributed them to our hardworking "indie" rescuer friends and rescue groups, as gifts. Free. Gratis.

Our theory is, if the dogs, cats and rabbits feel better & look better, they will get adopted into loving homes sooner. Then, more animals' lives can be saved by taking the place of those who just got adopted.

While the Furminators are costly, this is a wise and self-sustaining investment that will benefit hundreds of animals for years to come.

Refreshing Buckets of Agua Fresca!

In addition to STAND's own rescue efforts, we are emerging as a charity that gladly provides assistance to the humane work of others.

To aid large spay-neuter days in the Compton area of Los Angeles, STAND provided a hundred 2-gallon water buckets, each of which was labeled with with bi-lingual bumper stickers that reminded the dogs' families to give them "Agua Fresca Todos Los Dias" and "Fresh Water Every day."
Every animal spayed or neutered went home with a goody bag (actually a goody bucket) filled with treats and information packets, and a bucket reminding them in two languages that fresh water changed daily is essential to their pets' health.
The bi-lingual stickers also provided hotline telephone numbers for future spay-neuter days and related humane matters, and were customized for our friends at Downtown Dog Rescue. More buckets to come!

Food, Glorious Food!

One of our emerging goals is to help equip the exceptional and giving independent, or "indie," rescuers with whom we work.

Toward that end, one of our feral cat T&R (Trap & Release) rescuers asked STAND for help with the rising cost of the pet food with which they trap (and later release) the neutered or spayed ferals. The food is also used to feed the feral colonies over the long-run.

In response to this request, STAND started purchasing weekly pallets stuffed with high quality - and fresh - dog food, cat food, and clumping litter. Between our friends in Long Beach, West Los Angeles, and downtown L.A., we’re getting the food to where it’s needed most.

Who’s got some hungry animals? We have plenty more to share!

Welcome to our new Blog!

The STAND Foundation has moved to the blogosphere, where we will post about our core-focused successes and emerging programs.

The rescuers continue serving serve our core clients, which are neglected guard dogs, and dogs & cats belonging to homeless people or those who live in vehicles or other unconventional ways.
What this means is that we meet the basic welfare needs of the animal, from spaying or neutering, inoculations and flea medication to food, water bowls and something soft upon which to lie down.

One of our star rescue friends helped this sweet "guard" dog, hidden out of sight in a filthy tarpaulin-covered cage. In the process of cleaning him up, she found him an amazing home with a couple who needed a playmate for their other sweet pit mix.

Yes, the trapped dog on the left is the same handsome dog in the photo on the right, with the oil, filth – and its misery -- washed away. Life is much better when playing & romping with his new sister at the couple's business: a self-serve dog-wash place!

STAND is helping another sensational rescue friend start a trap & release (T&R) program in Long Beach. In her first week alone, she caught six feral cats, some of which are young enough to domesticate. With our assistance, they all received full inoculations, testing for feline HIV, flea medicine, and a complete examination prior to being spayed or neutered.

An enthusiastic animal lover, she also got pit bulls on her block, including her boyfriend's pit, neutered. Top notch work helping these "at-risk" dogs!