Welcome to our new Blog!

The STAND Foundation has moved to the blogosphere, where we will post about our core-focused successes and emerging programs.

The rescuers continue serving serve our core clients, which are neglected guard dogs, and dogs & cats belonging to homeless people or those who live in vehicles or other unconventional ways.
What this means is that we meet the basic welfare needs of the animal, from spaying or neutering, inoculations and flea medication to food, water bowls and something soft upon which to lie down.

One of our star rescue friends helped this sweet "guard" dog, hidden out of sight in a filthy tarpaulin-covered cage. In the process of cleaning him up, she found him an amazing home with a couple who needed a playmate for their other sweet pit mix.

Yes, the trapped dog on the left is the same handsome dog in the photo on the right, with the oil, filth – and its misery -- washed away. Life is much better when playing & romping with his new sister at the couple's business: a self-serve dog-wash place!

STAND is helping another sensational rescue friend start a trap & release (T&R) program in Long Beach. In her first week alone, she caught six feral cats, some of which are young enough to domesticate. With our assistance, they all received full inoculations, testing for feline HIV, flea medicine, and a complete examination prior to being spayed or neutered.

An enthusiastic animal lover, she also got pit bulls on her block, including her boyfriend's pit, neutered. Top notch work helping these "at-risk" dogs!